by dose media, unsplash
ESI Africa
May 04, 2018

What is the most exciting infrastructure or energy project you have worked on in Africa so far?

"The continent’s energy revolution is seeing rapid progress in off-grid and distributed power solutions that will enable African communities to leapfrog the old infrastructure and be at the forefront of new energy technology (innovative financing models are accelerating this change).

"We recently invested into Starsight Power Utility, a Nigeria-based energy services company offering solar-diesel-battery hybrid and efficient cooling and lighting solutions to its commercial and industrial clients. The company is in the process of rolling out its services to a number of core clients in the financial services and energy sectors, and has a target pipeline of over 1,000 sites in the medium term.

"As long-term infrastructure investors, we want to make both a positive and sustainable impact, as well as targeting investments with attractive return profiles. Starsight is offering a unique solution for companies that will reduce their cost of power and improve their ease of doing business." Romain Py, Investment Director – Head of Transactions, AIIM. ESI Africa

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