StarSight is an independent energy efficiency company delivering sustainable solar power and cooling services to our customers. Our objective is to achieve significant and measurable cost savings for our clients whilst being the catalyst to deliver a substantial reduction in Carbon Emissions for your business.

StarSight dedicated team of energy efficiency specialists will assess each of your facilities to deliver an optimal design solution with no upfront capital cost to your business. With the installation of cutting edge technologies combined with our dedicated service and support teams we will provide you with a guaranteed fixed price power and cooling service removing current variable costs from your operations.

The StarSight Solution

Reduce your Carbon-Footprint

We partner with you to reduce carbon emissions whilst enhancing your sustainability credentials ultimately delivering long term benefits to your organization and the broader community, as well as the global environment. The installation of a StarSight solution has the potential to reduce your fossil fuel consumption by 50-100%.

Reduce Noise Pollution

StarSight installations will result in a significant reduction of noise pollution and in certain applications the complete elimination of same.

Significant Cost Savings

Our solution delivers clearly defined significant and measurable cost savings.

Guaranteed Fixed Price

We remove the variables from both your fixed asset cost and operating expenditure delivering a guaranteed linear monthly cost thus eliminating budget and forecasting uncertainties.

Zero Asset Cost

Approved clients will benefit from zero upfront and ongoing asset expenditure due to StarSight's off balance sheet solution which delivers and maintains tier 1 assets for the full tenure of the power and cooling agreement.

Battery Storage

StarSight will custom design the appropriate energy storage system for your application and budget that will compliment your StarSight installation.

Asset Tracking

Our facilities' group ensure all assets are clearly identified and tracked with bar code technology and the support of GPS remote monitoring providing real time asset tracking.

Solar Solution

Our solar solutions deliver optimum energy efficiency with options for both roof mount or ground mount systems to suit your individual application. All panels and control systems installed by StarSight are tier one industry leading products that come with full manufacturer guarantees. Our proprietary control systems ensure the electricity delivered to your facilities is continuous and consistent in nature ensuring your equipment does not suffer unscheduled outages or damage.

Energy Efficient Cooling

Our team of energy efficient specialists will assess your existing installations to define the optimum StarSight cooling solution for your facilities, ensuring a clearly defined guaranteed comfort level for your work environment.

Customer Service

Our dedicated team of customer service professionals are available to support your operations 24/7 responding to your general enquiries or suggested enhancement to our current service offering.

Building Energy Efficiency

StarSight team will visit your premises to determine potential infrastructure improvements that will further enhance your building energy efficiency rating, these potential changes can also be incorporated as part of our overall service solution.

Technical Support

StarSight dedicated engineering and technical support teams are conveniently located within proximity of our client's facilities ensuring rapid response to any service related enquiries. StarSight support teams are fully trained and certified to support all aspects of your installations as well as being connected to our remote monitoring and control centre 24/7.

Remote Monitoring & Control Centre

StarSight operates a cutting edge remote monitoring and control centre that ensures your facilities are supported around the clock giving you peace of mind to focus on your core business activities.

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